Residential Generator Management Solution

Ayantra – a leading developer of remote asset management products – has created a solution tailored for managing transportable generators.

The Challenge

Residential generators should be carefully monitored to ensure that they will perform when needed. An effective monitoring solution should report the following:

  • Availability of Site Power
  • Availability of Utility Power
  • Generator Status – Running or Not Running
  • Generator Fault Status
  • Battery Level (preferably the “true” battery level without assistance from the battery charger)
  • In addition, an effective generator management solution should be easy to install, easy to use, and attractively priced.

    The Solution

    myGENcare is a web-based wireless monitoring system for managing residential generators. myGENcare can support any make or model of generator. With the average cost of a truck roll @ $75 or more, remote generator monitoring starts to pay for itself right away.

    The total solution consists of

  • A myGENcare monitoring unit installed on the generator
  • myGENcare-provided wireless messaging services
  • A myGENcare-provided website to deliver information about each monitored generator
  • A smartphone app to allow homeowners to easily manage their generator, at any time and from any location
  • Key Features

  • CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING ANY MAKE OR MODEL OF GENERATOR, including Briggs & Stratton, Generac, Kohler, GE, and others.
  • SENDS DAILY UPDATES plus ACTIVITY-BASED UPDATES: Each myGENcare monitoring unit sends a regularly-scheduled update each day, plus activity-based updates as events occur.
    • Availability of Site Power
    • Availability of Utility Power
    • Generator Status(Stopped / Running)
    • Generator Faults
    • Battery Level(the optional Tru-Batt system reports battery voltage w/o assistance from the battery charger)
  • BATTERY REPORTS / BATTERY ALARMS: Each myGENcare unit constantly monitors the generator battery, and issues immediate alerts if the battery should begin to fail.
  • REAL-TIME FAULT REPORTS AND ALERT NOTIFICATIONS: The myGENcare monitoring unit can be connected to the generator controller to report Common Alarm Faults. Each Fault event can trigger real-time Alert Notifications sent as text messages and/or as email messages directed to specific recipients.
  • VERIFY EXERCISE EVENTS:The myGENcare system automatically reports if a generator has failed to run for at least five minutes during the specified exercise interval, and can even send Alert Notifications for “Failure to Run.”
  • MAINTENANCE REMINDERS: myGENcare can send “Service Due” reminders as the generator approaches its service interval. Service intervals are user-configurable by Date and/or by Engine Run-Hours. The “Service Due” reminders can be sent as text and/or as email messages to specific recipients.
  • ENGINE ON / OFF UPDATES: The myGENcare monitoring unit automatically reports each time the generator is turned ON and OFF. Each “Engine ON” event can trigger an Alert Notification sent as a text and/or email message.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES: Authorized users can collect up-to-the minute updates from any machine, at any time.
  • SMARTPHONE APP: Authorized users can utilize their smartphones to manage their generators, at any time and from any place with cellular service. Smartphone apps are currently available for iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • Hardware Specifications:

    Physical: 5.00” x 3.50” x 1.55”

    Power: 8 – 32 volts DC

    Power Draw:

    • Active: 65 mA (typ) @ 12V
    • PowerSave: 40 mA (typ) @ 12V

    Built-in backup battery


    • Monitoring unit – Operating: -32°C → +60°C
    • Monitoring unit – Storage: -45°C → +85°C

    Humidity: 0 – 95 RH @ 40C

    I/O Ports:

    • Input Ports: 3 Inputs (not-configurable)
    • Output Ports: None