Transportable Generator Management Solution

Ayantra – a leading developer of remote asset management products – has created a solution for managing Transportable Generators. Featuring Ayantra’s unique “TruBatt™” architecture, the FleetGen solution reports key information about each generator – including its “true” battery level without input from the battery charger.

The Challenge

Generators must be monitored to ensure optimal performance. Portable generators are particularly difficult to monitor, since they are frequently moved. Key challenges include reporting the following:

  • Tracking each generator’s Location
  • Logging each generator’s Engine Run-Hours to ensure timely maintenance services
  • Detecting Faults to implement timely repairs
  • Monitoring Battery Voltage Levels to ensure proper start capabilities
  • Maintaining Usage Logs to satisfy regulatory agencies (CARB, AQMD, and other agencies may require detailed reports of each machine’s accumulated Engine Run-Hours and also its utilization by location)
  • Monitoring remote generators is a difficult task. Ayantra can help.

    The Solution

    FleetGen is a web-based wireless monitoring solution for managing generators. FleetGen can manage any make or model of generator, and it easily supports hybrid fleets. With the average cost of a truck roll @ $75 or more, remote generator monitoring starts to pay for itself right away.

    The total solution consists of

  • An Ayantra monitoring unit installed on the generator
  • Ayantra-provided wireless messaging services
  • An Ayantra-provided website to deliver information about each monitored generator
  • Key Features

  • AUTOMATICALLY REPORTS ESSENTIAL INFORMATION: FleetGen automatically reports each generator’s:
    • STATUS (Running or Not Running)
    • FAULT STATUS (Faults or No Faults)
    • BATTERY LEVEL (the optional Tru-Batt™ technology reports battery level without assistance from the battery charger)
  • BATTERY REPORTS / BATTERY ALARMS: Utilizing Ayantra’s optional “Tru-Batt” technology, FleetGen reports the generator’s true Battery Level (meaning the Battery Level is measured without assistance from the battery charger). FleetGen can also send real-time Alert Notifications if any battery or alternator problems occur.
  • DAILY HEARTBEAT MESSAGES plus REAL-TIME UPDATES & ALERT NOTIFICATIONS: Each FleetGen monitoring unit sends an automatic update each day (the “Heartbeat” message). The monitoring unit also reports Engine ON/OFF events as they occur, and it sends hourly updates while the engine is running. Each unit also includes six user-configurable digital inputs to report Fault events. Each Fault event can trigger real-time Alert Notifications sent as text messages and/or as email messages directed to specific recipients. Users can select which types of Faults to monitor. Typical examples include: Common Alarm, Low Fuel, Low Coolant Level, High Coolant Temp, Low Oil Pressure, Overcrank.
  • SECURITY FEATURES – “GEOFENCE” and “CURFEW”: FleetGen can report if the generator is moved from its proper location, or if it is utilized during an improper time of day or night.
  • ALARMS FOR BATTERY PROBLEMS AND/OR ALATERNATOR PROBLEMS: FleetGen can send Alert Notifications if the battery goes low or is disconnected, or if the alternator is not performing properly.
  • REMOTE ENERGIZE (optional): Users can access the FleetGen website to remotely Start / Stop any monitored generator. The Remote Start/Stop operation can be performed manually or automatically on a schedule.
  • MAINTENANCE REMINDERS: FleetGen can send “Service Due” reminders as each machine approaches its service interval. Service intervals are user-configurable, and each reminder can be directed to specific recipients.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES: Authorized users can collect up-to-the minute updates from any machine, at any time
  • AQMD REPORTS: FleetGen provides utilization reports to comply with California AQMD reporting requirements (similar reporting capabilities are available for other states).
  • DATA EXPORT: The database information can be exported upon demand.
  • Hardware Specifications

    Physical: 5.00” x 3.50” x 1.55”

    Power: 8 – 32 volts DC

    Power Draw:

    • Active: 65 mA (typ) @ 12V
    • PowerSave: 40 mA (typ) @ 12V

    Built-in backup battery


    • Monitoring unit – Operating: -32°C → +60°C
    • Monitoring unit – Storage: -45°C → +85°C

    Humidity: 0 – 95 RH @ 40C

    I/O Ports:

    • nput Ports: 7 Inputs (6 user-configurable)
    • Output Ports: 2 Outputs (both used for Remote Start)
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