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Lone Worker Safety Solutions


In today’s everchanging and increasingly complex work environment, protecting in-house, remote and mobile employees is now a top priority for businesses, schools and organizations around the world. Providing employees with proper safety protocols, processes and technology tools is a necessity for any organization looking to mitigate risk, reduce liability and protect employees such as:

  • Lone Workers (Utility, Construction, Non-profit, Delivery, etc.)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Campus & School Employees
  • In-Home Health Care & Social Workers

Designed for both small and enterprise users, InstaAlert’s intuitive and simple to use design provides peace of mind to employees knowing that help is a simple button press away. Discretely keep InstaAlert in your pocket, on your key chain, lanyard, or clipped with your ID badge, and with the press of a button, your system administrator(s) will receive the alert and GPS location. InstaAlert is not a tracking or monitoring device, but is designed to provide user-initiated alerts and allow system administrators to quickly take any necessary action.

  • Easily, quickly and discretely send alert notifications
  • Works with users’ existing Apple and Android based smartphones
  • Automatic impact detection & notification
  • GPS location information
  • Hourly Check-in timer (user enabled / disabled)
  • Help & I-AM-OK buttons & notifications
  • Compact and lightweight design means flexible wearing options
  • Robust & scalable enterprise platform
  • Event logs and reports across enterprise
  • Works worldwide
  • Easily transferrable among employees
  • Up to 3 weeks between battery charges
insta-alert-diagram insta-alert-diagram
Compact Small and lightweight for discrete use
Indicator Lights Visual indication the device is ready
Help Button Press to quickly and discretely send alert
OK Button Easily cancel any unwanted alert
On/Off Switch Recessed switch to prevent accidental turn off
Bluetooth Works with iOS & Android phones
Mobile App Free mobile app for device status, timer,
battery info and more
Cloud Availability Cloud based web technology
Length 3.4 inches
Width 1.7 inches
Height 0.4 inches
Battery Internal (Rechargeable, up to 3 weeks between charges)