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Company Overview

Headquartered in Fremont CA, Ayantra designs and manufactures M2M and IoT solutions for OEM and reseller channel partners. Our solutions enable organizations to better manage their assets, no matter where they are located. Our in-house expertise enables us to develop custom solutions and to offer flexible business programs to our partners.

Business Model:

  • Ayantra works only with OEMs and Reseller Partners (our Reseller Partners are typically Dealers/Distributors).
  • Ayantra respects the relationship between the Dealer and each end-user, and we never reach out to end-users.
  • Our business model allows our partners to realize recurring revenues, year after year.
  • Key Accomplishments

  • 20+ years’ experience in delivering wireless solutions
    • 40,000+ cellular units shipped
    • 100,000+ spread-spectrum radios deployed
  • Technical expertise
    • One patent awarded
    • One patent filed and in review