FleetTank solution for monitoring Tanks


Application Managing Liquid Levels in tanks - stationary or transportable.
Applicable for Diesel, Gasoline, LPG, Water, and Chemicals.
Cellular Technology 4G Cat M1
Cellular Service Provider Verizon Wireless (ATT optional)
Input ports Four (4) Inputs, total
  • Two (2) digital inputs are user-configurable and
    can report threshold violations
  • Two Inputs - can monitor levels for two tanks
Power Source AC Power, or any 12-48 VDC battery source
Messaging Daily Heartbeats, plus Real-Time Updates for
Levels and Threshold Violations
Level Sensor Options include:
  • Ultra-sonic sensor bottom mount
  • Ultra-sonic sensor top mount
  • Threshold detectors (invasive & non- invasive)
Website Reports Tank Levels, “Fill History,” average consumption, and estimated
“Time-to-Empty” based on usage history
Text & Email Alerts Yes
Warranty on active units Yes, Lifetime Warranty
Made in USA Yes

Call for price: 510-623-7526