Double Ring

Transportable Generator Management Solutions


FleetGear-LITE and FleetGen

FleetGear-LITE FleetGen
Application Any 12/24/48 VDC machine Any 12/24 VDC Generator
Cellular Technology 4G Cat M1 4G Cat M1
Cellular Service Provider Verizon Wireless
(ATT optional)
Verizon Wireless
(ATT optional)
Input ports 4 7
Output ports 2 - both user-configurable 2 - Port #1 supports
Tru-Batt; and Port #2
supports user-
configurable web-based
remote commands
such as “Remote
or “Remote Re-Boot”
Reporting Daily Heartbeats, plus
Activity-Based Updates
Daily Heartbeats, plus
Activity-Based Updates
Text & Email Alerts Yes Yes
Reports Fuel Level Yes - via e-Fuel Yes - via e-Fuel
GeoFence Alerts Yes Yes
Curfew Alerts Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Built-in Backup Battery Optional Included
Management Reports Yes Yes
Search and Sort Filters Yes Yes
“Always On” Display Yes Yes
Color Coded Mapping Yes Yes
Warranty on active units Lifetime Lifetime
Made in USA Yes Yes
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- Both solutions support any make or model of powered machine, and are ideal for managing mixed fleets.

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