Fleet Flare

Non-powered assets are typically un-managed because:
  • They are often located out of sight
  • They are frequently moved
  • The lack of a power source makes them difficult to monitor.

The inability to monitor non-powered assets can cause significant financial losses.

Ayantra developed two battery-powered wireless solutions for managing different types of non-powered assets:

  • FleetWare-LITE is for managing non-powered assets such as containers, roll-off bins, portable restrooms, water tanks, pesticide tanks, and fertilizer tanks.
  • FleetWare-PRO is for managing non-powered assets that may occasionally be connected to a 12/24 VDC power source, such as a dry van trailer or a luxury portable restroom.

The FleetWare solutions provide peace of mind by always letting you know each asset’s location.

Key points:
  • Web-based solution for 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Universal –  supports any type of non-powered ass
  • Inputs: four inputs, three are user-configurable
  • Rugged NEMA-rated enclosure
  • Lifetime Warranty – covers migration from 3G to 4G to 5G and beyond
  • Made in USA
  • Text and email alerts
  • Low Battery warning
  • Private Branding available.