Terms Of Service

Updated April 5 2002

SMS Terms of Service

Use of Ayantra’s text message-based alert notification services is subject to the following:

Description of the Service

Ayantra provides wireless monitoring services for managing powered machines and non-powered assets. The monitoring services include the ability to send text messages when significant events are detected on any monitored machine or asset. Authorized users can access the Ayantra website to specify recipients for the text messages. Ayantra and the Wireless Carriers are not liable for any delayed or un-delivered messages.

Please note:  Message & Data Rates May Apply 


To obtain help you may:

  1. Call Ayantra at 1-833-582-2511
  2. Email Ayantra at: info@ayantra.com
  3. Text HELP from a mobile phone

Terminating the Service

You may terminate the text messages at any time by texting STOP

Frequency of Messaging

Authorized users can access the Ayantra website to specify the events will trigger the text messages, as well as to specify which people will receive the text messages. A single text message will be sent to each specified recipient for each specified event.

Privacy Policy

Ayantra will not share, rent or sell your Personal Information to other companies or individuals, unless we have your consent.